Airwave Sensing Edge Kit, 12'

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Airwave Pneumatic Reversing Edge Kit, 12'
Air-Wave technology has been called the “hybrid" between pneumatic and 2-wire electric edges. They can be as reliable and sensitive as 2 wire electric edges, but cost less. They are designed to work on doors up to 60 feet wide. This kit will handle up to a 12' wide door. They have an adjustable sensitivity setting which allows you to set it to your specific application. It is designed with a silicone diaphragm which is highly sensitive and maintains its sensitivity in adverse temperature conditions. Electrical configuration is normally open (N.O.) or normally closed (N.C.)

The Airwave reversing edge system consists of an air pressure wave which is led, via a hose or pipe, to a diaphragm contact. This contact converts the positive or negative pressure wave respectively in to an electrical contact and pulse. The contact is of short durations, due to the fact that the overpressure escapes through a valve opening.

For use as entrapment protection on machinery, doors and gates.
Rolling Doors, Section Doors, For retro-fit on fast-acting doors, Areas with a water penetration factor, ie. car washes, Mass Transit.


  • 1-AW-14 Airwave Switch
  • 1-ABS Box with Barbed Coupler
  • 1- CCD-420-3 Coil Cord
  • 2- Wire Nuts
  • 12'- AHG-50 Air Hose, Gummed Rubber
  • 1'- AHT-375 Treadle Hose, - 375 x .110 wall
  • 1- AHP-10 Air Hose Plug
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