Dock Leveler Weatherseal Kit L-type, 1-in Brush

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Dock levelers are a great spot to save in energy costs and using brush seals in these problem areas can help you create and maintain a cleaner, more profitable and safer facility. Gaps and voids around dock levelers create a wind tunnel effect and allow unwanted pests into your facility such as rodents and insects as well as many unwanted elements like dust, dirt, snow, contamination and air-infiltration.
Installing Dock Leveler brush seal kits along the sides of your dock levelers is a great way to seal up those gaps /voids and create an effective barrier to seal those areas up and help keep those unwelcome pests and elements out.
The kit includes 90 degree mill-finish aluminum brush holders coupled with a durable, multi-filament black 1" nylon brush. Weld-able steel holders are also supplied with the kit and are welded to the sides of the dock leveler to hold the brush seal assemblies in place for years of hassle-free service. Kits will handle up to a 94” deep leveler. Complete with installation instructions.

This dock leveler brush seal kit includes a complete assembly to completely seal the sides of your dock leveler and includes a weldable holder that is welded to the sides of the dock.

Flexible and abrasion resistant black nylon brush provides a 1" exposure for a highly effective seal. The brush holder is manufactured with a durable "L-shaped" aluminum holder with a clear mill finish. Provides an effective solution to seal gaps around dock levelers.

Includes 2- 7'10" lengths

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