Infrared Heaters save you up To 75% in Fuel Costs!

At American Garage Door Supply, we specialize in infrared heater systems for commercial, industrial or specialty applications.

Select from a full line of infrared heaters for your next heating project

  • Low Intensity
  • High Intensity
  • Straight Tube
  • U Tube
  • Spot/Area Heaters
  • Single Stage
  • 2-Stage-Dual
  • Many More!

We understand that every application is slightly different from the next, that's why American Garage Door Supply prefers to offer you a customized quotation for any complete infrared heater system.

Please allow us to assist you with the selection of the correct heater model(s), gas type, BTU output and mounting configurations as well as other important features or options to make your project all it should be.

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