2 5/8" x .250 x 30" with Cones

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How long will this spring last

Turns on Spring Cycles
10.3 10,000
8.6 25,000
7.4 50,000
6.8 75,000
6.4 100,000

IPPT Rate: 34.15

Calculations are for guidelines only,
for more specific spring details please call.

This spring has an 2 5/8 inch inside diameter, .250 inch wire diameter, and is 30 inches long. This torsion spring is coated for clean handling, has the dimensions stenciled on it for easy identification, and like all of our parts, is made from quality steel that is produced right here in the USA. Both winding and stationary cones are professionally installed so your repair is worry free.

The table to the left is a guide to how long the overhead door spring will last. The number of turns on the garage door spring will determine how long it will last (or how many cycles the spring can handle at that tension) .

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